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Managing a fleet of drivers in-house can be time consuming and costly.  Employment costs, as well as, fleet maintenance, insurance and management can consume much of a company’s time better spent elsewhere.  Outsource your deliveries to Direct Services, and see how we can streamline your delivery process while saving you money!

We have Experience:  First of all, you will be getting a distribution manager at no extra cost to you.  We have been in the courier business for over 10 years.  We are very experienced in managing drivers and routes and will give your account the attention it deserves. 

We have Courteous, Uniformed Drivers:  We do realize that couriers are the face of your company.  Our courteous, uniformed drivers are skilled and highly trained.  You will be proud to have Direct Services representing you.

We have a Fleet of New Vehicles to Serve Your Needs:  You will never have to worry about automotive failure, maintenance and insurance again!

We provide Reliable Service:  You will never have to deal with sick drivers or scheduling/vacation issues.  We will provide reliable service, and we have multiple drivers that are ready to be dispatched at any time.  Your deliveries will be on time, every time!

We can handle Unscheduled or Last Minute Deliveries:  We are very flexible and have a team of drivers ready to fill your requests.

We offer GPS Tracking of Your Packages:  We offer GPS tracking with all day monitoring for each route.  We stay on the cutting edge of technology and strive to utilize technology to make package tracking both efficient and precise.

We can save you TIME and MONEYCall (803) 262-6774 and let us show you how!


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